The convenient product for safer driving

How often do you panic and grab the items on your front seat when pulling up in a hurry in your car? 

How frustrating is it when you have your maps and diary on the seat, or ladies your handbag open on the seat, and within seconds it is all over the floor.   Available in 3 colours to match your upholstery.    

Only $25.95 incl.

Prevent this from happening today with a SLIDE SHIELD 

This simple shield creates a bucket around your seat and you can fill it up with the secure knowledge that it stops flying projectiles and brings safety to your driving ability.

*       Easy to Install

*      Never have to take it off

*      Slides down and encompasses the seat if you have a passenger

*      Secures neatly at the back of the seat

Product Details:                  Made from Polypropylene and Stretch fabrics  buy-it-now1-2


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